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Life Bits
December 19, 2016

Recession proof…

People have devised several means to cope with the trying times. However, managing your income and living on a budget are only possible when you have an income. Retiring with…
Economic Update
July 7, 2017

Economic Update: June 2017

In this Economic Update report suggests that debt service is likely to exceed government’s target for the second year running. Budget 2017: Higher financing to trump revenue gain: Acting President,…
economic update
June 15, 2017

Economic Update: May 2017

In this Economic Update, we discuss recent developments and our expectation for same over the near term. Nigeria’s equity market received a kiss of life following the introduction of a…
April 7, 2017

Economic Update: March 2017

In this Economic Update report, we discuss government’s economic recovery plan, expected Q1 17 GDP reading and impact of recent developments in currency market on inflation and fixed income market outlook.…