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Now that the transfer window has been opened by the National Pension Commission (PENCOM), giving you as an RSA holder the opportunity to move from your current Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) to a much-preferred one which you believe will better satisfy your pursuit of a comfortable retirement, there are a few things you must look out for before narrowing down on your new choice.


Here goes…



Top-notch management team


You want to entrust your future to a PFA with an excellent management team who can boast of a track-record performance with notable years of experience. Do a little bit of research to understand the profile of the board members as well as top management of the PFA you’re considering.


Ideally, they should have a website, and the About Us page should house the information of the management team – that’s a good place to start.


History of investment returns


How much you retire with depends on how long you work, how much additional contributions you make, and most importantly, how well your PFA invests your contributions. The latter is the reason you should consider a PFA with experienced pension fund managers and a history of excellent performance in investment management.


To retire to the lifestyle you desire, choose a PFA that has tenaciously managed pension fund assets for thousands as well as consistently paid out higher returns to the retirees whose funds are under their management.




Choose a PFA that you have easy access to. Consider the following:

Offices – Make sure they have a physical presence in major Nigerian states and that these branches are functional.


Social presence – The PFA should have an active social media presence.


Digitally savvy – Is the PFA moving according to the recent digital trends by making their services available via multiple digital channels to promote convenience, accessibility, and prompt service to their clients? If yes, you can be sure that the PFA is growth-oriented.


Reachable – Your chosen PFA should have efficient customer-support via a dedicated relationship management team and responsive hotlines or emails to ensure that you reach them at every point in time.




Value-added service provision


Aside from providing the core functions of managing your pension funds, your choice of PFA should also support your desire for a wealthy and healthy retirement by providing access to retirement planning tools, tips, events, and offerings that help prepare you for a fulfilled retirement.


For us, ticking all four boxes and giving a little extra always to ensure that our clients retire to a comfortable tomorrow remains our mission. We are just a phone call or email away via or 0700 CALL ARM should you have any questions.


Our digital channels listed below are available for quick access to us and if you desire to explore the ARM Advantage, please click here.



Digital Channels:


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