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1. Make a list of your desired terms: Things like salary expectation, paid time off, resumption time, or remote/on-site work. Whatever terms you consider important, write them down and keep them top of mind.



2. Don’t make demands – ask questions: To respect your new employer’s authority, form your requests as a question. For example, if asking for a higher salary, say something like: “Considering my specific skills in Digital Marketing, I was expecting a higher starting salary. How can we increase this number?”


3. Negotiate with the right parties: HR is not always the ultimate authority to make negotiations.


4. Be ready to walk away: If the offer doesn’t meet your expectations in areas important to you, don’t be afraid to decline the offer or you will get resentful if you accept less.


5. Keep quiet: When you propose a salary number or try to negotiate the desired term, always stay quiet afterward and wait for an answer.



6. Focus on what the company will gain: Never make it just about your needs and wants. Explain what the company will benefit from hiring you.



7. Be confident in your value: Remember, the company is lucky to get you and your skills. Remind them of the problems you will solve.



8. Smile: You have to be positive and likable. It also shows how you handle stress on the job.


9. Get it in writing: Make sure you get your agreed terms in writing before you start.



Good luck with securing better opportunities in 2021!


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