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Driving on a busy road can drive the most patient man to impatience. Especially in a fast track city like Lagos where everyone seems to be in a perpetual rush to get somewhere and no one is interested in waiting for others.  However, an understanding of traffic laws and their application can rid our road of unnecessary accidents and help us keep our cool on the highway. Let us consider a few pointers that can aid our driving experience.

Know your signs: road signs decorate our road but they are more than just pretty designs. Road signs are strategically located to serve as directions for motorists. Next time you pass by one, look at it, understand what it means and actually obey it.

Understand hand signals: hand signals are valid and disregarding them could cause accidents. That man waving his hand ferociously is trying to tell you something, don’t disregard him. Depending on where you are, hand signs usually have generally accepted meanings.

Obey road markings: That white line on the road was put there intentionally. Every time you see white paint on the road, it is telling you to do something. Perhaps to stay in your lane, turn this way or stop right there. Resist the urge to drive on the white line, attempt to understand and obey it.

Headlights control: When driving at night, it is important to see and be seen. It is important to dim your headlights when facing other motorists directly. On the highway or express, fuller lights might come in handy. The key is to control your light to suit your situation.

Drive defensively; defensive driving is cautious driving. You can never tell what news the person driving next to you just heard or where he is rushing to, drive like you are the only one who really knows how to drive.

From the tips shared above, it is clear that the cardinal rule of successful driving is to pay attention. It also helps to be humane in dealing with other road users. Remember, you have to be alive and well to enjoy the better tomorrow you are preparing for.

Got any other tips for safe driving, please share them in the comment box.


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