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Most people are familiar with the idea of a bucket list, it’s a list of the things you would like to do, and experiences you would like to have while you are alive. The demands of everyday life are so hectic that there is hardly time for fun and adventures. Most people even expend their work leaves on personal projects and businesses, hardly resting. The work never really ends. Until you retire.

I have a list of things I would like to do before I clock 80. Top of that list is to travel the world. I want to experience the islands, from the Maldives to Seychelles to Zanzibar to Malta. I want to feel the sands of the Sahara between my toes and experience the cold nights of Antarctica. I want to eat Chinese food in China and wear a nice looking sari in India.  Perhaps I will learn a little bit of the popular Italian language when I visit Rome and teach my grand children to appreciate art as we walk through the museums of Nice and Paris. There is so much culture to discover in Africa and I want to experience them all. From Casablanca to Capetown, Accra to Abidjan, Adisababa to Freetown;  so many places to see and memories to make.

That’s why I am not merely working hard but working smart. If I cannot afford the time or resources to tour the world just yet, I can save up a substantial sum in my Pension account to enjoy life more after I retire.  It is smart to keep tomorrow in view while you experience today. It is smart to secure the future while attending to the issues that arise every day. Whenever I receive my month-end alert from ARM pensions, I close my eyes and picture myself on a cruise in Abu-Dhabi, completely assured that my tomorrow is looking good.

What’s in your bucket list? What are those things you would like to do when you finally retire and have all the time in the world? Share with us in the comment box, let’s have some fun.

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