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How long can you stay without your phone?

If you answered honestly, probably not too long. For many of us, our phones have become our besties. A day without our phones feel like something important is missing.

If you lost your phone today without any sort of backup to the contacts you have or the files you saved in it, it would feel like starting life again with a new phone. Not only will you be spending extra, you may never recover your lost files.

This is why it is normal to see a lot more people backup their files just in case their phones get missing or gets damaged. Some others even insure their expensive phones to avoid stories that touch.

There is so much fuss about phones that people go as far as stealing just to ‘belong’ to the class of smartphone owners.

If phones are this important and we do so much to protect not just the phone, but the files and contacts we have in it; how much more should we be protecting life for those we love?

You fear losing communication with all your phone contacts, don’t you fear how life may change for those you love if they lose you?

You can’t imagine starting all over again getting all the files you lose when your phone is lost or dies, shouldn’t you be more afraid of the people that depend on you starting all over again if God forbid something happens to you?

You never leave your house everyday expecting a thief to steal your phone or for your phone to crash. It’s almost always an accident that claims your phone. This same accident lurks not just around phones, but around lives too.

Accidents happen every day on the roads, in the hospitals, even inside the house. If like your phone, your life unfortunately meets with tragedy, will those you love who depend on you feel lost completely?

Will they have a backup to cushion them financially? Will your children, spouse, parents or siblings (who still depend on you) have the lifestyle they currently do?

The key question is: your phone or your life? You know the answer.


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