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What You Didn’t Know About Roger Federer


Let’s talk about Roger Federer who retired from professional tennis last week.

Did you watch his last match with his friend and rival Rafael Nadal? Touching right?

Well, did you know what else stood out about the Grand Slam Champion?

It’s how he’s being globally celebrated on the internet. Imagine how many billions of people in the world, and almost everyone just has nice things to say about him.

No bad comments. Wow!

Today, he’s acknowledged as the world greatest tennis player, with a total of 20 ‘Grand Slam’ titles, and the proud recipient of Olympic gold and silver medal for doubles and singles respectively.

Guess what? Roger Federer didn’t become the golden boy overnight. He didn’t wake up with all the good habits and virtues. As a matter of fact when Federer was a teenager and even in his early twenties, he struggled with a hot temper. Yeah, he was quick to anger, and this attitude affected his ability to play consistently and to a high standard.

It took years of training and patience to get rid of his anger issues, practice and hone his craft, and also learn how to handle losing to opponents.

Federer built himself into what we see, applaud and celebrate today.

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