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Read This If You Don’t Trade Stocks


“I am beginning to think you are after my life. I have told you to quit that job, but if you think that salary is enough to make you rich, then enjoy.”

For the umpteenth time, Nnamdi sat on the couch in Onome’s living room, listening to his friend replay the exact same sermon he had every time he asked for a loan.

How can he explain to Onome that he loves his job and finds a sense of purpose in it, despite his meagre salary?

“Nnamdi, I’m talking to you!” Onome screamed, jolting Nnamdi out of his thoughts.

“Er… I am sorry I always bother you for money. I have plans to make more money, but my job hardly gives me time. How I wish I could successfully run a business without having to leave my job?” Nnamdi responded.

“Come off it Nnamdi, do you think everyone who owns businesses actually run them?” Onome asked with a smirk on his face.

Nnamdi’s antenna suddenly became alert. “What do you mean guy?” he inquired.

Onome cleared his throat, shifted his weight forward and whispered like he didn’t want some invisible third party to hear “Most of these big shots buy shares in businesses and when the business gains, they also gain profits. How do you think the likes of Warren Buffet became forces to reckon with?”

Nnamdi didn’t know who the Warren guy was but made a mental note to google the fella – for now, he was more interested in making money without running a business.

“Hold on Nomsky – I’ve known about buying shares since when I was little, but I still don’t understand it. Honestly, it sounds like rocket science to me” Nnamdi said with a sigh.

Onome looked at Nnamdi as though he were beginning to grow horns. “Guy, no wonder you are broke. You need a mind revamp! For someone like you in an abusive relationship with his job, desiring multiple streams of income, but expects money to fall from heaven, Stock trading is the easiest way you can build wealth!”

“Okay, I guess I understand that part. Tell me, what’s the next step I must take?” Nnamdi responded, not fazed by his friend’s teasing.

“Okay, I’ll show you how I do mine. I get all the information I need about best performing stocks by email from ARM, I also follow their website to keep up to date. You know me I’m an olodo at math…hehehe, but they simplify it for me. I, then know which stocks are performing well and go ahead and buy them” Onome explained with the wave of the hand.

“Ehen, continue please. Where do you buy them from and how?” Nnamdi asked with an intense interest.

“Namo! Be calming down – you’re like someone collecting expo to enter exam hall…hahahaha” Onome teased again – but Nnamdi was not laughing, so he continued.

“Download the ARM StockTrade mobile app via Google Play Store or App Store. Thankfully, the onboarding process is a breeze – then you can start trading stocks. Easy as that” Onome said like a hero who had just saved the day.

But Nnamdi still had his reservations. “Hmmm… Nomsky, are you sure about this company? You know there are scammers everywhere these days. I can’t slave at my job to make money and then pour it down the drain – guy, that’s legit heartbreak” he said.

“Relax Namo! ARM has been around for over 28 years, all their social media platforms are up and running, plus I’ve even passed by their head office at Ikoyi before. No need to fear” Onome reassured.

But Nnamdi’s attention was diverted – he was “pressing phone”. Onome angrily kicked him “Guy, are you even listening?” he asked.

“Awww… dude, that hurt. Sorry, I wasn’t distracted. Just putting words to action by downloading the ARM StockTrade app. You’ve convinced me today. Are you sure those guys didn’t pay you to market their business?” Nnamdi said with a laugh.

“Your head there! That’s what I get for cutting soap for you right?” Onome said as he stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

“Get me something to drink on your way back” Nnamdi responded still laughing.

Onome rolled his eyes…

Are you like Nnamdi – passionate about making more money and being part of diverse businesses without actually running them? Download the ARM StockTrade app today and start trading stocks. Click here to know more.

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