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Every parent expects their child to come home with a good result after a school term. A good result assures them that their enormous investment in the child’s education is valued and likely to birth returns. However, this is not always the case. Parents sometimes must deal with their children’s unsatisfactory results. What is the best way to handle such occurrences? The tips below should help;

  1. Approach the situation with calm

Naturally, your first reaction would be to express your disappointment in the child. This might however not be the most productive thing to do. It may help not to respond immediately but give yourself time to relax and approach the situation from a place of calm. It will help you think things through.

  1. Focus on the positives

It is unlikely that the child would have failed at all his/her subjects. Consider the subjects with more encouraging grades and the comments from the teachers. It could be an indication of the child’s strengths and interests.

  1. Find out what went wrong

Not every bad result is a consequence of poor preparation, the child could have had challenges understanding the teacher, be finding it difficult to adapt to a new school or struggling with peer pressure. At other times, laziness and poor preparation are the culprits. Whichever way, identifying the problem area will help you find a fitting solution.

  1. Develop a practical plan

There is no doubt that the child needs help. Together, work out a practical plan that would help the child do better next term. Could be earlier nights to ensure alertness in class, a reading plan through the school term, a tutor for extra classes, a change of academic direction or even a change of school or living environment.

  1. Keep the communication line open

Do not wait till the next result season to discuss the child’s progress. Periodically check in with the child and tutors to ensure your plan is working. Follow up on their continous assesment tests and assure of your willingness to listen to their challenges and help them overcome it.


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