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A lot!

You let us into your world and allowed us to have beautiful conversations with you. We talked about your salary and asked Shade a few questions. You stayed with us as Kola begged his daughter to call him daddy and didn’t think his pleas were too little to count. Thanks for advising Bade when he erroneously assumed that a ring is a ring. You went on Abu’s journey with us and trusted us even when Mrs Gregory insisted we should not ask her to trust her husband.

When your landlord kept asking you ‘What’s today’s date?’, you sighed and told us you were tired of his drama, not again you said, not this month. We showed you how to fire your landlord and you realised getting your own place was a rewarding investment. Clem complained to you that there is something wrong with his wife and you advised him because it’s all in the mind. When you had the money talk with your child, you told us and we had a few tips for your nephew who just rounded up NYSC. He was thinking of starting up his own business instead of becoming a job hunter and we told him how to turn his seed into a tree.

Even when your Harvard graduate decided to become a DJ, you listened to us  and gave him quality advice on personal finance.  No doubt, we have had a beautiful year together. We hope you let down your hair this Christmas and have started considering making these 6 changes in 2018.

As you prepare for next year, do not be boxed by money myths, do a review of your finances to discover how much you are losing or gaining and consider drawing up a budget for the year. Perhaps these 4 reasons will encourage you to get covered because it’s the perfect time to consider estate planning even if you are established and unmarried. 2018 could be the year you start your post retirement business, it could be the year your dreams come true.

Whatever you decide to do in 2018, be assured that we are with you, providing you with the relevant information you require to realise your ambitions.

Our first advice for the year? Start early, everything counts, even the little drops.


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