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Global Market Overview: Bull Run Continues – Poised for Further Growth?

In March 2024, the global equities market maintained its upward trend, extending its positive performance for the fifth (5th) month in a row. Consequently, the MSCI world Index surged by 3.01% month-on-month (MoM). This positive momentum extended to most of the major global Indices under our coverage, except for the Chinas SHCOMP index which declined by 0.15% MoM.

Domestic Market: Equities Market Rebounds on the Back of Bargain-Hunting

The Nigerian Equities market made a rebound in March 2024, as the NGX All Share Index gained 4.58% MoM to print at 104,562.06 points (vs. 99,980.30 points in February 2024), pushing the market’s year-to-date (YtD) returns up to 39.84%, from 33.71% YtD recorded the previous month.

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