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Love is a beautiful thing! But it can also be expensive, especially at a season like Valentine. While it is OK to splurge on the person you love, sometimes you are unable to. Your wallet and your heart just refuse to cooperate. We feel your predicament and agree that you and your bae still deserve a good time, even if you are not balling right now. Let’s hook you up with a few not -so- expensive ways to show your boo you care and give you both memories to treasure.

  1. Dinner for two- at home

Who says a romantic dinner has to be at the most expensive rooftop restaurant in town? You can turn your balcony or a section of your house into the right atmosphere for an intimate dinner. What do you need? Two chairs and a table(not compulsory really, sitting on the floor can also be romantic), petals and flowers, good wine, soft music collection and good food. If you can cook, making the delicacy yourself gives it extra thrill (especially if you are a guy). Picking the right songs is also important, as is lighting. Create a walkway to the dinner table with the petals and provide desserts and appetizers.

P.S You have to handle this with all seriousness, even if it’s at home. Dress up, go all out, your date deserves it.

  1. Movie night – at home

Let’s be honest, all the big cinemas will be extremely full that day. Spend half of the money you would have spent at the cinema on good wine and corn which you can pop together at home. You can each select your favourite movie and enjoy the evening watching old movies while creating new memories.

P.S Don’t show up in your pajamas just because it’s your house. Dress appropriately, just as you would if you were going to the movies. Of course, popcorn fights are more than welcome.

  1. Handy man on duty

You know all those low key (or not so low key) complaints your beloved has been making about stuff that needs to be done around the house (especially if you are married)? Well, this is the perfect time to be Prince Charming. How about you take some time to actually change that padlock, repair that gadget, attend to all the little things you never have time for. You will be surprised at how pleased your spouse will be. Nothing says I love you like showing you listen and going out of your way to make him/her happy.

P.S Given that this is Nigeria, the above might not be enough to be termed a Val gift, consider buying the Gift of a Lifetime to complement this loving gesture.

  1. Art or Park day

If you both are into that sort of thing, you can easily find art galleries in your vicinity which you can visit at very little cost. You can enjoy an evening of interpreting art works together and taking pictures with your favourite pieces. Imagine how cute a picture of both of you at Nike art gallery will look on the gram. The danger with this is your boo might ask you to buy that art work she really loves. Well, you will need a creative response at this point. Alternatively, parks like Omu resort and Freedom park only demand an entry fee or no fee at all for a plethora of fun activities.

  1. Take her home to mama

This is the ultimate ‘I love you’ gesture. Give her the best valentine story to share with her friends by taking her home to meet your parents. This shows you are committed to your relationship and the future. It also makes her feel valued and puts her mind at rest.

P.S Be very sure you are in it for the long haul before you take her home. Once she bonds with your family my brother, just go and start ring shopping.

Lastly, experiences form the best memories, but keepsakes cement them. They are like tangible proof that the special moment happened. The perfect keepsake for beautiful valentine’s day memories is the Gift of a Lifetime, it is flexible enough to adjust to your pocket and keeps growing, making you look really good long after Valentine is over.

We wish you a happy valentine and a wonderful life filled with love.

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