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After working for 15 years, Kemi started to feel a bit ‘bleh’ about her job. The passion, drive, and zeal for work that she had in her earlier years had diminished and she needed a jump start.

Here are the tips a career coach gave her.


1. Engage your brain

Boredom often causes disinterest in one’s work. Sign up for a development program at work or take a course on your own. Learning something new will excite you, open your mind and give you an edge on the job that you didn’t have before.


2. Find meaning in your work

Think about why you got into your field of work originally, and whether you’re still on the same path. When you renew your commitment to the goals you had, or make new ones, you get a renewed sense of purpose.


3. Move others forward

Being a mentor to someone younger in your field can boost your enthusiasm for what you do. There’s something gratifying about creating a legacy and helping others advance.


4. Explore a new challenge

If there’s a project that needs extra hands or a person to run it in your organization, step up to the plate. Accepting and acing a new challenge may be all you need to get your enthusiasm fired up.


5. Declutter your workspace

When you start to declutter your workspace, you’re making decisions of what you value or don’t value. It helps you get a sense of what you want in your job and to decide the things that matter to you.


6. Be open to change

The average person changes careers multiple times in their life. If you still feel a sense of emptiness with your current career after trying out all the above, maybe it’s time to consider a change in career.”


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