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It’s so hard to stay perfect in a world like ours. Every day, situations and circumstances spring up that cause you to wonder if you’re good enough in many respects.

This even happens more when you begin to think of the ones you love and if you’re doing well by them. It’s understandable – in fact, you are not alone. We all feel lost at some point and require gentle nudges in the right direction to do and be better.

In what ways can you do better by the people you love?


Appreciate them more

Even the meanest of people appreciate a compliment every now and then. Don’t hold back your appreciation or show of love to those that matter to you. Life is too short to hold on to something that could lift another’s spirit. Show love, praise efforts, understand more, be there often and when all that is needed are gentle words, offer them. You never know when they breathe life into a person.

Set a precedent of financial freedom

Lack of finances remains the number one bottle-neck people experience and mostly the bone of contention in most marriages. This can be dealt with if you take steps to live financially free. Doing this keeps you debt free while setting an example for your family and children to follow when they grow older.

Imagine leaving a legacy of wealth to the generation that comes after – both in actual finances and knowledge to acquiring wealth.

Plan a good future for them

With so much to do, expenses to deal with, and life to breeze through, it is very easy to forget that there is a future especially for the ones that depend solely on you.

Don’t take chances with life – many did and the ones they care about are suffering for their inaction. Plan a future for the ones that depend on you so that regardless of what happens, that future remains unshaken. Invest, write a will and most importantly, get an insurance of some sort. If you are the breadwinner with a family that depend on your income, you should consider getting Life Insurance to protect yourself and them against life’s uncertainties.

Stay healthy for them

Many people neglect the effect their ill-health or unexpected absence will have on the people that love them. That is why it is common to see a reluctance to exercising, eating well, resting more and getting regular medical check-ups among most individuals.

You need to understand that for instance, as a parent, your ill health will not only cause your family to spend more but will also rob them of the peace and joy they ordinarily are used to with your sound health. This makes it necessary that you take good care of yourself especially for the sake of those that their lives will be disorganized by your illness.


Consider doing these four things now. Don’t allow procrastination to push you into relegating them things to the background.

Doing all of these will greatly reduce your worry while solidifying a good future for your family.



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