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The scene showed Baba Folu shouting at Iya Folu. He couldn’t understand why she would even suggest that he should write a will. At 56, this woman seems to think he is headed for a reunion with his ancestors.

Franca sighed and turned to her husband Dan. “Darling, please change this channel. Why the man is being unreasonable is beyond me.” But her husband stares at her in disbelief.

“Hold on Fran, are you saying you agree with the woman? I mean, who writes a will unless they know they’re ready to die?”. Franca’s mouth opens in shock. With all his education, how could her husband of 8 years think like this?

“Darling, a will is not a preparatory rite of passage but a contingency plan for the people you love who in this case will be I, the kids and your immediate family. Now that we’re on this topic, you and I should consider writing our will too.”

But her last words were said to an empty room. Dan had walked away angrily.

This action got her worried and puzzled. If Dan wasn’t willing to do something to protect the children, she would. Maybe this is a sign. Perhaps it’s time to write a will for her children’s sake.

With that decision, Franca began to list her assets. RSA account, the land she bought with her savings and 13th month salary her first year working, her car, jewelries, bank accounts, Money Market Fund account and her hair business.

After making the list, she considered how to proceed. Then she remembered the Easy Will discussion on the radio the previous week on how using the portal, anyone could easily write their will from the comfort of their home. Quickly, she brought out her laptop and instinctively looked at the clock. 12 am it showed. Time to take little Sarah out to pee.

She dropped the laptop and went to pick Sarah up. One look at her three children as they slept peacefully, and her resolve to complete the process of writing her Will got stronger.

Two minutes later, she was back to the task at hand. Before 1am, she had successfully completed her will and had it sent to her email for signing.

She would print the Will and sign it tomorrow, she thought. Packed up and ready to call it a night, Franca experienced a strange peace. One she knew Dan would appreciate as well if he took this step. Franca knew her husband well. He loved his family too much and would succumb when he sees a Will is more for their protection than a death sentence for him.

She’ll try explaining to him again after three days, she thought as sleep stole her consciousness.

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