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Like most NYSC corpers, you probably don’t know where to start but that’s okay, we’ve got some useful tips on how to boost your chances of getting that great job!

You Need A Great CV: Employers go through a lot of CVs so yours will need to stand out.  Choose a template that is organized and easy to read. It is also important to tailor your CV to match the job you are seeking by including any relevant experience and extra curricular activities. Please don’t copy and paste from the internet. Employers will know!

Search In The Right Places: Google is your friend! There are so many recruitment sites online, but don’t put your eggs in just one basket (no matter how big it may be). It usually helps to know exactly the career path you want to take. This way, your applications can be specific and heartfelt. Be honest with yourself. Employers can tell when you just want a quick salary rather than a job for the long term.

Network: We all joke about how you have to have connections to get anywhere in Nigeria  and frankly speaking, it is true. It’s not necessarily about “having connections’’, most times it’s about having people that can vouch for your work or someone that knows of an opening somewhere and refers you. Either way, it’s nice to have firsthand information about opportunities and that comes from knowing people. Your network is your greatest asset at this point, so don’t be afraid to use it by asking people you know for help.

Think Outside The Box: Like we said earlier, know what you want. Don’t forget that there are other opportunities outside the walls of a corporate organization. Some of us were born to be entrepreneurs, diplomats, entertainers etc. and sometimes your business idea may be so good that you can get funding for it. So think big and start small and in no time, you might just be the one collecting CVs instead of sending yours out.  Good luck!

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