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Finally, all your job search and networking after NYSC has landed you an interview. Here are timely tips to get you prepared for that interview.

  1. Punctuality: You immediately lose cool points with your interviewer when you arrive late. You can never be too early for an interview. Allow yourself enough time to reach the location – Lagos traffic can switch up on you real quick!


  1. First impressions: A positive first impression is crucial in an interview. Shake hands firmly with the interviewer, maintain eye contact and ask them how they are doing. Smile! You don’t have to show all teeth, but you can’t look unhappy either.


  1. Body language: Do not fidget! You may come off as anxious or a liar. Try and mimic the body language of your interviewer. Always appear composed, confident and friendly.


  1. Follow-up: Most people don’t know this, but you’re allowed to ask what the selection process is like after an interview. You should also ask for your interviewer’s email address and send them a thank you email. It allows them to match a face to your application; thereby increasing your chances.


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