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So you’re sitting on your own, minding your business, listening to DavidO singing ‘THIRTY BILLION FOR THE ACCOUNT OH!’


And you’re there thinking about your last debit alert like

Next thing, your phone is ringing, so you pick up like

And somebody is telling you that you can make 200% more than what you currently earn. IN ONE WEEK!


So what do you do? You take the deal of course! Because Pastor said all those Blessings of Abraham are your own now


But you quickly realize this thing is not that straightforward oh. You have to Get Help from someone, who needs to Get Help From someone, who has to Get Help from another person before your own money can ‘complete’

Next thing you hear they’re freezing accounts and your hopes of joining Forbes list are slimming down quick

Your Investor Friend takes you on a date and tells you to keep the change #KeepTheChangeBae

Because you’re a smart person who learns from their mistakes, you ring up your happy investor friend like:

And they show you the beautiful mysteries of investing wisely and the joy that addeth no jibiti

Wise investments….like the ARM Money Market Fund.


…because it’s a jungle out there and you always have to keep your eyes peeled (‘_’ )

We’re assuming you want more mileage for your kobo, and you want better financial security than you have right now

Would you look at that?

ARM Financial Advisers are offering free financial advice services to save you from yourself.

Send an email to:

Or call: 0700 CALL ARM.

Or…go disturb their Twitter and Facebook.

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