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It’s the fourth time you are getting the Whatsapp message making the rounds; ‘This new year will favour you…’ Your eyes wander to the new calendar on the wall and you realise 2017 is gradually progressing. Drawing up a mental to-do list, the thought hits you that this January is like none other. Usually, your house would still be overflowing with hampers and gifts and your energy at an all-time high, ready to take on the world.

But not this year.

Recalling the unpleasant surprises that defined last year, you realise you need a plan. Determined to take charge of the new year, you grab your notepad and draw up your survival plan.

First, you need to take advantage of the dryness in January to shop in advance, who knows if things will get even more expensive…


There’s no space for impulse buying this year, everything must follow a plan…


Fast food and restaurant meals are suspended for now…


Next, everyone must learn to use amenities responsibly, even the kids…


This year, school shopping is about quality not variety…


No one will be willing to lend you money, it’s better to stay liquid…


More importantly, you need a fool-proof plan for the year ahead…


That plan must include regular savings and investments for a secure future…


Do you need help with drawing up a practical financial plan for the new year? Take advantage of our free financial advice service, send an email to or contact us on 070CALLARM. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for practical and timely financial tips.

At ARM, we are committed to helping you realise your ambitions.


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