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“Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” ~ Jim Henson


As adorable as children are, they are also very impressionable. They mirror what they see.

It is easier for a child to pick up a habit they see adults around them exhibit, than what they are told to do. That is the reason it is normal to see children play dress-up with their parents’ clothes and shoes. Same reason they imitate adults in phone conversations or when splattering make-up on their faces just to look like mum.

Because children are quick to learn things, it is therefore wise to mould them into the adults we want them to become from an early stage.

One way to do this effectively is by showing them who they can become by who you are. Charity they say does begin at home.

Money habits…

A vital part of parenting is teaching your children good habits. But we often forget that, when it comes to money. We think that the best time to talk about handling finances is when they are through with secondary or university education, but in truth, the right time is when they’ve learnt to count.

If you are a parent or you plan to have children, it is necessary that you start early to create a financial foundation for your kids if you expect them to make sound financial decisions as they grow. It begins with teaching them good financial habits.

But how and when do you do this?

We will answer that on ARM Life Living Benefits show on Smooth 98.1FM by 6.40pm (Lagos), 6.45pm (Abuja) and 6.00pm (PortHarcourt).

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