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What You Need To Know About Roger Federer


A week ago, world tennis legend, Roger Federer announced his retirement from professional tennis, and even played his last doubles professional match with friend and rival, Rafael Nadal.

Did you know what else the 20-time Swiss Grand Slam Champion announced?

You guessed right. His retirement plans.

The Swiss athlete indirectly hinted that he’ll be taking up a commentator role to analyse professional tennis at Wimbledon.

Secondly, he’ll continue to play at exhibition matches, because he needs to raise funds for The Roger Federer Foundation- an initiative he birthed in 2003, focused on providing education and athletic training to children in Africa and Switzerland.  From inception till date, over 1.98 million and 9,300 schools have benefitted from its education projects.

These are Federer’s retirement plans. What’s yours?

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