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What is The Incap Solution

The Incap Solution is a service which helps one plan for the “in-between” situations where temporary or permanent incapacitation prevents him/her from making personal medical or financial decisions. Incap Solutions employ the use of Medical and Financial Power of Attorney.

Why opt for the Incap Solution?

  • It gives one the advantage of having a trustworthy person or institution to take charge of financial and medical decisions in the event of an unexpected occurrence.
  • It ensures seamless continuance of one’s affairs in the event of incapacitation.
  • It helps prevent any form of loss that would otherwise be incurred as a result of one’s incapacitation.
  • It helps mitigate the risk of conflict between family members or employees.
  • It ensures that one is able to regain control of his/her assets upon recovery.
  • It provides the benefit of a clear-cut decision making by the Agent on behalf of the incapacitated person.

 How does the Incap Solution work:

  1. After completing the form, please return to ARM Trustees Limited.
  2. Your documents will be prepared for execution.
  • Afterwards, you’ll be required to sign your documents and return to ARM Trustees for Notarization, stamping or registration as may be necessary.

Download the Incap Solutions form here ARM Trustees – Medical & Financial Power of Attorney

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