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The word Will has always elicited varying conflicting emotions in people all over the world as many  assume that writing a Will means they are  ready to quit living and join their ancestors.

Culturally, in many climes, spouses, children and potential beneficiaries to a person’s Will are not permitted to bring up the ‘W’ word, because it may be inferred that they are wishing death upon their rich parent or spouse, and this may lead to them being cut off or disinherited. So, people have learnt to hope and wish that the patriarch or matriarch of their families have done the wise thing and planned for who gets what after they are gone.

Long life is something everyone desires, especially the rich. However, it is time to confront the elephant in the room. It is time to draw the most logical inference from actions taken to preserve ones’ future and that of ones loved ones. Afterall, that you gave an asset to a person in a Will does not mean it becomes theirs, until the Will comes into effect upon your passing.

It is time to change the narrative, that when a person writes their Will, it means they are not only wise, but they are considerate, and they are acting in love towards the people that matter to them.

It is time to acknowledge that, writing a Will, planning one’s estate and setting up a Trust for one’s loved ones does not cut  life short, but preserves one’s life, because when the affairs of a person are in order, it reduces the pressure and health risks associated with worrying about the unknown future.

Hence, the best answer to the question “What is the best time to write a Will” is Yesterday –  the best time you should have written a Will is “long before now”. However, the next best answer is “NOW”. Now is the best time to write a Will if you have done so yet.

The important question, if you are statutorily an adult, is, regardless of how old you are, are there people in your life that you want to ensure are well taken care of? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then write that Will today.

We all know how complex the issue of Will drafting and Estate Planning can appear to be, it is advised to use the services of professionals in this regard. As the leading authority in the field of Estate Planning in Nigeria, ARM Trustees offers bespoke services to help write and lodge your will at the Probate registry.

To enjoy our Will Drafting service, or to update your existing Will, send an email to us at and we will be happy to offer you this professional and confidential service.

If you are thinking, I don’t have that much assets to put in a Will, but I do have some assets and I desire to ensure my loved ones are taken care of, use our automated Will Drafting service , click this link to start right away

Remember, whether you are 30, 40 or 70 years old, the next best time to draft your Will is NOW, now that you can decide how your loved ones should benefit from your estate and in the proportion you wish them to have.

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