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Everyone thinks their mother is the best and I am no exception. My mother can move heaven and earth for my sake and she has done it more than once. Particularly when I wound up pregnant during my service year and my boyfriend went AWOL. She was disappointed no doubt, but she stood by me none the less. It was in her arms I found the strength to live again. Under her watchful eyes I learnt to become a mother.

There were a lot of sacrifices on her path to take care of my child while I tried to find my path in life. I soon got a job, nothing too great but I could finally  look forward to payday and contribute to my son’s upkeep and give my mom a treat occasionally. Then the opportunity of a life time came. My organization was sponsoring a few graduate trainees on a short course in the UK and I was shortlisted. If I excelled at the course, my role and status were bound to be upwardly reviewed. Plus, it increased my employability status by 200%, I could reach for the stars and actually touch them. It was a career defining moment.

There was only one problem though, my mum was also slated to travel with the good women society of our church to Jerusalem at the same time. As part of the mothers’ day celebrations that year, the church was rewarding interested members of the good women society with a heavily subsidized trip to see Jerusalem. Oh, was she excited about it? It was all she had talked about that month. Only for me to come with my UK news. Since both trips were slated for the same period, someone had to stay back to take care of my son. It was hard, extremely hard but she did it. She pulled out from the Jerusalem trip and even gave me the money with which she had intended to match the subsidized fee. I was blown away and totally amazed at the depth of love and devotion.

When my promotion finally pulled through and the good life became my reality, I promised her a trip abroad every two years. I imagined she would want to go to Jerusalem first, but it looks like she has dreams of Dubai. All her friends have been there, she says. So, we pegged the trip for November (everyone says Dubai weather is perfect towards year-end) plus we’ll get to celebrate her birthday there- all three of us. When I got down to do the maths, I realized sponsoring three people to Dubai is not a walk in the park. When you now factor extra funds like shopping and all that, it adds up to a lot money.

You can’t imagine my joy when I discovered PayDay Investor. It is making raising funds for this trip really easy. Once I registered and created my Goal, the app automated my investing by ensuring the amount I stipulated to save every month is transferred from my account and invested in a mutual fund. Not only does PayDay Investor eliminate all excuses and settle the issue of consistency, I actually get more money than I put in since my money is invested in the ARM Money Market Fund and the returns are quite substantial.

Who would have thought an app could make such a big difference? Thanks to PayDay Investor, I’m taking my family to Dubai this November.

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