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  1. Are there investment opportunities in foreign currencies?

ANSWER – Yes. The ARM Eurobond fund and a direct Eurobond investment are available for clients to take advantage.


  1. What is the current interest rate for mutual funds?

ANSWER – Interest rates applies only to the ARM Money Market Fund and the current rate is 5.60%. Other ARM mutual funds are priced due to elements of equities and bond prices hence, they are not interest based.


  1. Good morning, what is your benchmark return for the Eurobond? I thought the minimum investment was $200,000:

ANSWER – The benchmark return is dependent on the preferred Eurobond instrument (FGN or Corporate Eurobond). We are able to pull investors together (from $50,000) if they don’t have the minimum investment amount of $200,000.


  1. Just like how FGN bonds have retail options, do Eurobonds have that option. say at least $1000 entry?

ANSWER – The Eurobond does not have a retail option currently. However, you can take advantage of the Eurobond fund mutual funds which invests with a minimum of $1,000.


  1. What is the current interest rate for treasury bills?

ANSWER – Please see below the results from last primary auction. However, secondary rates might slightly differ from this.

Auction Date 13-Apr-2022 13-Apr-2022 13-Apr-2022
Tenor 91-Day 182-Day 364-Day
Stop Rates (%): 1.7400 3.0000 4.6000


  1. Can I invest in Eurobond today through ARM? Can I invest if I have less than $50,000? what is the rate of return today?

ANSWER – Yes, you can invest in Eurobond through ARM Securities.  We can pull investors together (from $50,000) if you don’t have the minimum lot size of $200,000. However, the rate of return is not fixed due to the daily pricing of bond instruments. Kindly send us an email for proper guide on bond prices.


  1. If I live abroad, can I take advantage of dividend processing when I become a client of ARM securities?

ANSWER – Yes Please. You can invest from the diaspora and earn your dividend here in Naira.


  1. Can the presentation be sent to participants?

ANSWER – Yes. A copy of the presentation has been attached to the email.


  1. How do I access the mutual funds please?

Kindly visit our website HERE or send an email to to get started.


  1. How is the return on Eurobond Fund paid? Is it Monthly, quarterly, half year or yearly? also, what is the minimum required period to hold the investment.

ANSWER – The Eurobond fund does not have a fixed return on investment as you earn on capital appreciation and dividend payouts. Dividends are however paid on an annual basis upon review of fund performance & audit of the fund financials.

The minimum holding period is 180days i.e., Six month from start of investment.


  1. Please, will the recording be made available to us after the webinar. I am interested in listening to it again.


ANSWER – The webinar recording will be hosted on our YouTube page. The link to the recording has been embedded in the body of this email.


  1. For the mutual funds especially the Money Market Fund, what can we say is the reason for the daily declining interest rate?

The fund allocations of the MMF are (Short-term government securities:

25% – 95%; Other money market instruments: 5% – 75%). Due to the quick maturities of these instruments, the fund is priced daily to ensure investors receives true yield on investments.


  1. Good morning and thank you for the session. Is there any investment package without risk?

ANSWER – The Fixed Income Instruments and Money Market Fund Investment are low risk investments.


  1. I see one of your services is for clients to receive research information. Is this information dedicated to certain clients or all clients? I need clarification as I do not receive these research info

ANSWER – This is a service for all our clients. However, based on this feedback, we are currently working on our database to ensure everyone is added and you will start receiving timely research updates going forward.


  1. Please also provide more details on the ARM USD Mutual Fund

You can get more information about the ARM Eurobond Fund Investment HERE


  1. How can one who is earning in naira hedge against the unfavorable exchange rate?

You can take advantage of our foreign denominated investments. Kindly click HERE to read more about the ARM Eurobond Fund Investment.


  1. Thanks for the webinar. Could you share a link to open an account with ARM Securities? would like to start buying shares:

ANSWER – Kindly click HERE to create an account or download the ARM Stocktrade App from Google Play store or iOS Appstore.


  1. What is the current interest rate for money market?

The current rate for Money Market is 5.60%. Kindly note that this is a 7-day rolling effective annual yield and may vary daily.


  1. How can I access research and advisory services? Furthermore, I’m interested in stock trades too, how can I learn:

ANSWER: Kindly send us an email


  1. With the naira consistently losing value against the dollar, why should I make naira denominated investments. Especially for long term.

The main reason for our webinar is to advise participants to maintain a well-diversified investment portfolio and as such mitigate against impact of foreign exchange fluctuation on investments most especially for investors with perceived spending/obligations in USD. Also, for investors who doesn’t tend to have foreign obligation in the near to medium term, it is advisable to maintain a naira position to mitigate exchange/conversion risk as the naira may also tend to appreciate against the dollar.


  1. Are there opportunities or products for equities investment in companies outside the country?

ANSWER – Yes, there are opportunities in various stock markets across the globe that you can take advantage of. Kindly share your email address to enable us address this further.


  1. For those in diaspora, can we have a WhatsApp number to engage you subsequently:

Kindly send an email providing your details and a member of the team will reach out to you.


  1. How do I invest in the ARM Eurobond mutual fund with my local currency in Naira.

ANSWER – To take advantage of the Eurobond fund investment, clients are advised to have a USD bank account and corresponding USD value for investment as we are not licensed to convert naira value into USD.


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