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This holiday will be a pretty short one but still, with the children at home, you’ll need a plan to maintain sanity and curtail expenses.

Get vacation ready with these tips:

Shop in bulk before school vacates: Make time to stock up before school vacates in order to have a process set up for the family to ease into. Buying in bulk will also help you cut down on cost.

Don’t go for variety: Resist the temptation to buy the food variant each of your children prefers. Rather buy the one all your children enjoy and save the extra cash.

Find a support system: If you work a 9-5, invite retired parents or available siblings you trust to stay with you over the holidays. Keep communication lines open and teach them how to care for your children. It will help you save on nannies.

Keep the children busy: You don’t have to take the children out. By engaging them in fun crafts like needle craft, mosaic making, leaf painting and more, you save on outing expenses and have a home filled with creative artworks and happy children.

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