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As you count down to the end of 2022, two personalities struggle inside of you – each, aiming to break free and dictate your spending habits. Let’s see what these two versions of you promise.


The version that:

The version that:

 has already calculated the remaining salary/income for the year and has a plan on how to spend it. Plans like:

 knows the remaining salary/income for the year and already planned what to spend it on for the rest of the year like:

Weekly drinks with the boys/girls because issa big boy/girl Occasional drinks with the boys/girls because big boy/girl must borrow sense or go broke.
Black Friday bargain because this awoof can’t pass you by.


Not get swindled by the Black Friday bogus promises… because awoof can empty your account sharp sharp.
New clothes, shoes, hair… How else will the world know you slay? New shoes and a few new clothes maybe… you know you don’t live to impress the world
Festive season asoebi… You must buy it all and show them you have arrived. As a happening guy/babe.


Festive season asoebi that matter… because you must not wear asoebi for everybody and besides you already see January expenses smiling one wicked smile.
Leave small in the bank… Who knows when rainy day will come Invest a fraction of every income in your Money Market Fund account… because you know the money will not be sleeping but working to make you more money. January school fees and financial security is guaranteed.
*In your mind, you know that the ‘small’ will not even carry you through until January salary shows up. So, you include a list of people you can borrow from to survive January .

*In your mind, you see yourself dancing ‘Buga’ into January knowing that your account balance is ‘on point’.


Which version would you rather be?  Visit www.arminvestmentcenter to start investing or top up your investment via our payment channels to be the wise version that balls into 2023.

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  • Ibitoye,funsho Leke says:

    Planning for one’s finance is the normal thing to do,because it is a popular saying that he would fail to plan is planning to fail.

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