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You are likely to come across two kinds of people during sales season.


First, there are the sales ninjas.


They anticipate sales season, prepare for it, and maybe even save towards it. These people recognise the need for a purchase and think to themselves, it’s August already. November is just around the corner. I’ll manage till then and buy it on black Friday.

They are clear as to exactly what they want to buy when the sales season starts and they even know where to shop to get the best deals.


Then there are the sales victims.


These ones are remotely aware sales season is coming till it arrives. The season takes them by surprise and they are overwhelmed with the avalanche of ‘cheap’ things they can buy.

These people stumble on ‘great’ offers on websites and at stores and they just can’t resist. So, they end up buying things they hardly need with money budgeted for something else. Once the initial high that comes with getting a good deal wanes, they discover what they got was hardly a good deal.


I bet you already know which group you belong to.

Whether you are a sales ninja or a sales victim, don’t let supposed black Friday deals swindle you this year. Learn to differentiate deals from traps. While taking advantage of discount opportunities is good, it should not be to the detriment of your fixed budget or financial goals.

The key is to avoid impulse buying.

Stick to the items you need- the ones you planned to buy and you should be fine. Remember there is a whole year full of financial obligations ahead. Instead of spending all that money on Black Friday discounts, how about you split it and invest a fraction?


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