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Trump Vs Biden! Whew!…. Are you feeling uncertain?

We know ever since the launch of the ARMStocktrade platform (app and website) you have been investing in both foreign and local stocks- Well done!

However, with the on-going elections in the United States, it is only normal to be uncertain about the impact of the election on your investment. Not to worry, we are here to calm your nerves.


Here are 3 things to note:




Elections tend to come with a lot of market volatility which can impact the value of your stocks. But the bright side of this is that market turmoil eventually subsides and presents opportunities for you to acquire more assets at better prices.




In preparing your investment stance as this election heightens, remember to diversify your investment, to better position you for the impact of whoever becomes the next president of the US.

A few stocks to consider are:

  1. P&G (Listed as PG) food and consumables sector

  2. Caterpillar (Listed as CAT) Infrastructure Development sector

  3. Microsoft (Listed as MSFT) Technology sector

  4. Alibaba (Listed as BABA) Retail Technology sector

  5. 3M (listed as MMM) Industrial Development sector




As an investor, always consider what your goals are. Why and what are you investing for? What level of risk can you shield? etc. Remember, as history teaches us, the stock market tends to reward long-term investors, do your research, and do not be quick to exit.


If you have questions or comments please contact us at or call us on 012715000, 0700CALLARM (0700 2255 276).

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