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It feels good when it rains and the atmosphere looks fresh and exciting  As much as the rainy season brings joy and freshness, there is also a healthy impairment of people.

Due to excessive moisture in the rainy season, the biggest fear of the spread of flu, malaria, bacterial, and viral diseases remains. However, there are some tips which help you to stay healthy, away from these diseases in the month of this rain.

1. Wash your hands properly

It is very important to wash hands regularly in the month of rain. We go to many places, meet many people, touch many things.

Someone else may have some infection, and you have contaminated with them, or you may have been sitting on a bench with bacterial or viral infection or someone affected by disease touched that thing. So regularly wash your hands with lukewarm water and soap.

2. Do not touch your face repeatedly

Most bacteria and viruses penetrate our body through the mouth, nose, and eyes, so do not touch your mouth again and again in the rainy season.

Do not wander on your head repeatedly, or turn your hands on the face, keep a napkin or handkerchief with it and use it.

3. How to avoid dirty water

It is normal to see filling gutters and pits with water in the month of rain. Due to the accumulation of water, diseases related to water are generated, such as diarrhea, influenza, cholera, and fungal skin diseases.

Always drink boiled water in the month of rain. Use raincoats and umbrellas as soon as possible. Do not get too wet in water and if possible, use rubber shoes to avoid dirty water.

4. Do not eat outside

If you are afraid of getting the disease, they never think to eat outside. Do not even think of eating food on the road side this month. Those who are fond of eating fast food know that most bacteria and viruses are produced in the month of the rain in hotels and canteen food.

Eat fresh and clean food made in the house as long as possible and stay agile in the month of rain.


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