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It does not matter if 2017 was a blast or not, 2018 is almost here and is all yours for the taking. These pointers will not only help you wrap up 2017 in style, they will help you usher in 2018 with a bang. Check them out;

  1. Review

What kind of year did you have? Were you able to achieve the goals you set? Did you get to spend quality time with your family as you purposed to at the beginning of the year? Did you get that certification or promotion you were gunning for? Or start that business you were thinking about? What about your finances? Were you able to stick to that savings plan? What debts are you carrying over? What financial goals are you postponing? It’s time to take an honest look at the year that’s wrapping up. Celebrate your victories, acknowledge the mistakes, and tie up loose ends.

  1. Refresh

You absolutely deserve it. For every challenge you took on, every victory you recorded, every disappointment you survived, for every step you took in the direction of your goals; you deserve to spoil yourself a little. Take some time to do something you love, something that refreshes you. An evening out with your kids, time out at the movies, a no-stepping-out-of-my-room day, binge watching your favourite series, a little splurging at the mall, whatever makes you feel relaxed and happy. Be careful not to eat into next year’s resources as you pamper yourself though, take a realistic look at how much you can afford and do something nice for yourself.

  1. Regroup

A new year means you get an awesome fresh start at making things right and getting the life you want. This year, take it beyond just plans, put things in place to ensure time doesn’t just run by. Don’t just decide to start a new business this year, work on the business plan or talk to someone who can help. Don’t just make up your mind to spend more time with your family, put up reminders on your calendar. Do more than just deciding to stop that destructive habit, get an accountability partner to help you stay on track. Instead of just planning to manage your money better, look up suitable investment opportunities for you and set up a direct debit order to ensure your investments are consistently serviced year-round. In 2018, go beyond wishing, thinking, or planning, be deliberate about your decisions.

Here’s wishing you a year that is better than you can wish for. Remember, we are only a call or email away and we are always willing to attend to your enquiries or concerns. You can reach us on or 0700 CALL ARM.

Have a fantastic year!

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