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The midterm break is near and school children will soon be home to take a short rest from all academic activities. If you are a parent/guardian, the mid term break provides you with an opportunity to spend some quality time with your child/ward

To help you make this midterm break a memorable one for your child/ward, we have some fun activities that you can engage in together.


Most Children love to experiment with colors. Allow your child/ward to express his or her inner creativity by providing him or her with painting and drawing materials. With proper guidance and monitoring, let him/her replicate whatever object around in drawing. Who knows, your child/ward maybe the next Picasso.

Explore a new place together


Children love to explore, they want to leave the four walls of their home to a new place. This midterm break, take your child/ward to a new place he/she hasnt been to before. It could be a Natural Garden, Zoological Garden or an Art Gallery. The experience will broaden his/her knowledge about nature.


Make a Movie Together

Watching a movie might be a typical family event by now. Change things up by making your child or war the star of the production. With the available apps and features on a phone or tablet, making a movieĀ  can be easier than ever. You can let your child/ward act his/her favorite Super Hero and have some memory fun you can always refer too in future.


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