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Build the tomorrow you cannot see, the tomorrow you want”, my father’s exact words …

As I grow older, I understand that every activity is a puzzle piece for a bigger picture which has guided my journey all through life. Growing up I felt I had everything figured out, graduate at a certain age, get a well-paying job and start a family. The “happily ever after “story like they call it, but then reality sets in I graduated at the “right” age, got a job with the salary barely enough to pay for my recurrent expenditure.

My greatest worry has always been to measure my fulfillment or how one works and spends daily and still have enough when the unforeseen happens. Ever since my father died, I have come to understand the true meaning of “responsibilities”, having to take care of my mother, my siblings and “bae” who is trying to get us hooked despite my meager salary. Every morning when my alarm rings, it is a constant reminder that days pass by swiftly and I have little or no time at all to get it all together.

 “Build the tomorrow you cannot see, the tomorrow you want”, my father’s exact words anytime he’s about to scold me for spending lavishly. A day came when I finally understood this phrase, the day tears I couldn’t hold back dropped down my eyes as I spoke to the ARM agent over the phone, who told me I was the major beneficiary of his ARM LIFE Protection Plan and I thought to myself “This is the Tomorrow he built yesterday”.

I finally realized there is a way to measure fulfillment and be ready when the unforeseen happens. I have found a solution, building my tomorrow by putting something away in an ARM LIFE Protection Plan is indeed a wise decision.

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