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The gods must be angry… or maybe the one in charge of rains must be. Otherwise I fail to understand how the sky has refused to exercise restraint in the amount of downpour that has turned some parts of Lagos into a mini ocean.

As I wait in the frustrating Lagos traffic which is usually worse when it rains, I watched the torrents hit the ground and create a splash. First, it started with drops barely wetting the ground, and then the thunder roared and lightening flashed before the rain poured uncontrollably causing streams of water to emerge.

With nowhere to go until the rain was satisfied with its torment, I hit the brakes and let my mind wander to the past and then back to the present to paint scenarios about the future.

I have had a rough past living barely from hand to mouth before a celebrity bought my footwear, posted something about it on her Instagram page and suddenly my small business took off. With a very comfortable present, now the clothier for many celebrities, I wonder how the future will be.

I make most of my shoes myself and I put in time and money to deliver the best. I can do this because I’m strong and young. Will I be able to do this when I’m 55? Or will I even want to be doing this at that age? How about working just for the fun of it at 55 because I already have a stash somewhere to cater to my needs?

“That sounds like a good plan right?” I ask myself and nod in agreement before whipping out my phone and going to Google to check the best way to do this since I don’t work for a big organization with a pension plan. Out pops ARM Pension Micro Pension Plan – the best retirement plan for every worker. My eyes open wide as excitement courses through me. I long-press to open a new tab but a loud honk sounds and I look up to see that the still traffic had started moving.

I put away my phone but not before bookmarking the page. I’ll take a good look when I get home and who knows, just like the drops of rain, I might start pooling my own stream of retirement stash little by little. For now, let me concentrate on conquering this intimidating traffic.

The Micro Pension Plan is for every self-employed, skilled worker, freelancer or small business. Click here to learn more about the Micro Pension Plan and download the ARM Engage app from Google Store or Apple store for easier access with RSA registration and more.

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