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When the entire pandemic issue saturated the news and the lockdown came into effect, Folabi was devastated. Life’s worries and constant fear made him forget his plans for 2020 and laid aside his life goals.


In January, Folabi had told his friends and family about proceeding to do his MBA in an Ivy league school abroad. He also had the plan of starting his side hustle and had started actively investing in these dreams. All these seemed like a pipe dream drowned by the current happenings as Folabi, out of fear, started to withdraw from his investment. Every single withdrawal took him farther from achieving his goals and further into depression.


One day, while going through his contacts’ WhatsApp status updates, he saw one that got his attention. It was an update by Jude, his childhood friend. Jude had just shared a picture of his new car and fully furnished new office with a quote that said “Keep your eyes on your goals no matter what is happening around you. I did and now, I smile.”


That quote spoke to Folabi and in that instant; he remembered his own goals for the year. While he chose to live in worry, drain his investment and bury his goals, others were accomplishing their goals and making strides amid the pandemic.


Even without knowing it, Jude had through his status update, awakened Folabi’s dream and eagerness to pursue his financial goals for the year.


Folabi picked up his phone and called his fund manager to find out about the direct debit feature which would allow him to automate his investment. That seemed to be the only way for him to stay on course. He had allowed months to waste away but for the remaining six months of the year, he would take meaningful steps towards the goals he set – CoronaVirus or not.
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