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Cupid has done it.

He has outdone himself this time and I sense this is only the beginning. My name is Jeremy and here’s my story.

It was a cold Saturday morning with the sort of weather that looked like it would rain. There were close to a hundred of us, if not more. We were all here for a run.

The whistle had barely blown when I took off towards our destination. This mini-marathon was not to prove my excellent fitness level because quite frankly, I barely had any. I was using this run as a means to spend what would have been an otherwise boring day, and maybe meet with new people who will encourage my resolve to become more active.

People sped past me like rockets launching into space, but that didn’t bother me. I was eagerly searching the lines for a person to connect with that could become my fitness buddy.

Soon, I saw this pleasant looking lady. I jogged closer and whispered ‘hi’. She gave me a look that could kill before increasing her speed. I knew this one was a no-go area. I sighed and kept jogging until a soft laughter forced me to turn. “Hey dude, don’t take it personal. Perhaps she woke from the wrong side of the bed today”, responded a tall, dark and well-built fellow who I’d later find out to be Johnson.

I chuckled and extended my arm to meet his in a handshake.

“Mehn, I was just trying to find a jog-buddy o. No strings attached” I replied as I began jogging side-by-side my new-found friend. We talked about so many things since we discovered we had a lot in common. He had just returned from the UK to settle in Nigeria and coincidentally, also lived at Lekki Phase 1 just like me. We soon reduced our jogging to brisk walking as we talked. It happened that Johnson had a habit of exercising with his younger sister at a gym quite close to my house.

When I told him how I had failed woefully at sticking with a fitness routine, he suggested that I joined him and his sister Destiny for workouts thrice weekly. They always exercised in the mornings before leaving for work. I agreed. At least the day wasn’t going badly. But the day was about to get even better.

“Bro, hold up” a sing-song voice called out. I turned just in time to see the most beautiful woman I had ever met. I was transfixed to the spot. I stared with my mouth half-open.

“Hey baby sis, I told you to keep up. This ain’t a race for the weak…hahaha” Johnson responded as he gave the beautiful being a slight punch on the shoulder. “Awww… Please don’t hit me like that jor. Erhmm.. who is your friend?” she asked as she buried her eyes in mine.

“Jeremy, meet my baby sis and your second new workout buddy,” Johnson said. I snapped back to reality and smiled like a love-lost puppy as I extended my hand for a handshake.

In my mind’s eye, I saw Cupid smile a knowing smile as he cleaned another arrow. But then, my alarm screamed angrily, and I woke up. “What? This was just a bloody dream?” I screamed out to no one in particular. I got up to go take a shower and instinctively picked my phone to check for new messages. The first thing I saw was an email about ARM Pension’s Run For The Future 6 slated to hold on the 24th of November 2018.

My heart did a somersault. This was surely a sign that my dream wasn’t just a dream. I have this gut feeling that this run holds something good for me, a promise of a tomorrow that is good. In excitement, I quickly go to and register to run.

Ha! Cupid – that leery fellow must be up to something and I’m sure going to find out come November 24th.

The run may hold wonderful surprises for you too, but you have to register to run for the future to find out!

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