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It’s run day and people gather in their numbers. On your mark, get set, go! They take off. Each towards their own specific goal for participating.

Let’s group our runners in categories based on specific running goals:


Those who came for the snacks:

Yipee! There will be free snacks and these lot are not missing out on it. What is life without freebies?

Those who came to network:

For these ones, there’s no better place to find connections and make new friends. They come armed with their phones, business cards and enthusiasm to collect numbers.

Those who came to find bae:

It’s possible that good old cupid shot his love arrow into the crowd of marathon runners and these ones are set to find their own match. They run with vigilance inspecting their love interest with every mile. Once they find chemistry, the rest of the run is history.

Those who came to look for work:

If ARM Pensions is organising the Run For The Future run/walk, there has to be company executives present right? These job seekers come ready for an on-the-run interview. Since they’ve not gotten any response from all their LinkedIn effort, a physical casual meet may work.

Those who are just bored at home:

These ones live for fun. They’ve probably seen Season 7 of Game of Thrones and every other exciting series available and have no hope of excitement for the weekend… But they need some fun and adventure. What better way to have these than at ARM Pension’s Run For the Future?

Those who came to win:

These go-getters have only one goal. They came to play and win. From the first step, their eyes are on the prize. They are possibly team ‘fitfam’. These are the ones you see with earphones and absolute focus as they launch giant strides after another. They overtake and conquer.

Which category do you fall under?


If you haven’t done so already, you can still register here!


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