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I’m a dreamer and a believer in the Indian movie kinda love. I’m that babe that read all the Mills & Boon series back in secondary school. I’m that babe that cries when a guy writes me love poems. I can spend all day listening to R&B music.

My name is Mimi and I’m an unapologetic romantic.

I’ve been hoping and searching for that guy that does it for me, but somehow Cupid thinks matchmaking celebrities like Banky and Adesua is more important than hooking a babe up.

So, what do I do but face my ‘fitfam’ lifestyle building a body strong enough to house the emotions bottled up within me. But my visit to Twitter a few days ago shows that good old Cupid may have remembered me after all.

I came upon the ARM Run For the Future post on those who come for a run to find bae and my antenna picked up a frequency. Ha! This must be me.

My love for fitness might get me the romantic ‘boo’ with a shared love for fitness that I’ve been searching for. Who says a girl can’t go after what she wants eh?

I quickly head over to register for the run and what do I see? My favorite comedians EmmaOhMyGod and Nedu plus that funny, cute babe WofaiFada who I follow closely on Instagram are even part of the package. See me dancing Kukere and “dabbing” in my mind. How can I pick a team when I love all of them die? Omo, I’m for all contenders o!

My mission for this run is clear. I’m coming to run for my future (It depends on how you see it, but ‘future’ can be a guy who is a potential hubby abi?) and a little bit of celebrity famzing on the side.

I’ve saved the date November 25, 2017, bought my cute colourful running shoes and sports leggings (I gats to be noticed o) … Now the wait begins!


If you have not registered yet, you’re dulling o. Go here and register sharp sharp!


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