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I am in the fight of my life. No, jokes apart, this is me literally defining my future and it is funny how a run could seal my fate.

I saw Mercy for the first time on my way to work while she did her morning run. It was still a bit dark, but what I saw in her caught my breath and had me running after her in my suit and backpack.

When I finally got close enough to signal to her, she took away her earpiece and I realized she didn’t even hear me calling.

Plenty phone calls, dates and day-dreams later, I can confidently tell you that she is the one for me. My family have heard so much about her that now, I think I may put a ring on it.

But Mercy, my darling headstrong and strongly opinionated Mercy is putting me on high jump. She is very conscious about her health and even the future- hence any man that would be ‘hers’ must be at par with her on both levels.

First, she made me start upping my contributions to my Retirement Savings Account – says even if we don’t end up together, I’ll at least remember her when I’m enjoying my retirement (who wants to end up without her? *scoffs*). Now, she wants me to get on the healthy train.

Me? I don’t even have time for all these fitfam wahala or eating healthy ish – I have one life o jare and I plan to enjoy it. But the problem is, I can’t enjoy it without Mercy.

Mercy has suggested that I start small on the fitness matter. She registered both of us for the Run For The Future run/walk slated for April 14 and has now told me to start doing what she calls ‘practice runs’ just to prepare.

I know she means well for me but this one is double wahala – I’m stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea here. On one hand, I’m scared of losing her if I bolt from this run, on the other hand, I’m afraid I will not complete the race on that day and disgrace myself in front of Mercy.

Having weighed my options, I’d rather do a half-run than lose Mercy. But this half-run thing is not even a palatable option – so I guess I better hit the road for the practice run. I might just build enough endurance before the run day to avoid the shame of stopping half way.

Oya o, let’s run!


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