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“Where do I start from? What do I tell Kunle? That all our savings are gone? God!”

“Joy calm down. What are you talking about?” Aunty Yinka asked.

“Aunty, I and Kunle saved up some money for a building project. But, since we want to start building in two years’ time, I convinced Kunle to invest the money on one platform I discovered online. It was one popular influencer on Twitter that convinced me too o!!! Jesu!!”

“Joy, I said calm down. Kilode?!”

“Aunty, you won’t understand. This morning, the news hit Twitter that the investment platform has crashed, and the owner has fled the country. Immediately, I chatted up the influencer that sold the idea to me, but she blocked me. A whole me! Ah! Village people have gotten me!”

“Pele my dear. I have said it, you and Kunle don’t rate me. You keep a lot of secrets from me. If you had told me about this your investment plans, I would have shown you where to put your money. All these ponzi schemes… How much did they promise you?”

“5 million naira to get 6 million naira in two months. And Kunle resisted it o, but I pushed him… I trusted that influencer. Ah!” Joy lamented in between tears.

“You don’t invest because an influencer says so. An influencer is not an expert opinion. They are only paid to impact your decisions.

“Children of nowadays! If I knew about this, I would have advised you people to invest in stocks instead. Stocks are units of ownership in a company. They represent your claim on that company’s assets and earnings. You build wealth by buying stocks because they will build your savings and even protect your money from inflation and taxes. Honestly, I don’t know of a better way to generate wealth that can even outlive you.

“Stop crying ehn, this one is gone, but I’m hopeful for a miracle.  When next you’re making an investment decision, think stocks. The beautiful thing is that you don’t need any influencer to babysit you. All you need to do is download the ARM Stock Trade App from App Store or Google Play Store, right here on your smart phone, and get started.

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