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The past few months have been trying for Ade with the forced adaption to the new normal brought about by the coronavirus.
He had planned his wedding for April 29th, 2020, and sent out invitations early January, but the lockdown put a halt to his robust marital plans. He, being the ever-optimistic dude, resorted to a private wedding with his family and friends joining via Zoom to witness him tie the knot. Strange as it looked and felt, he got that out of the way while saving a few nairas here and there.
Just when he and his wife had kick-started marital bliss, he gets the unwanted news that everyone in his company would receive a pay-cut due to the losses the company had incurred during the pandemic.
Ade sat one evening staring at the goals he had set for 2020 which included:
  1. Dream wedding
  2. New car
  3. Get a physical store for perfume business (Side hustle) and hire a store manager
  4. Bump investment up 20% and diversify his portfolio
  5. Get a raise
He sighed as he crossed off number one. It may not be the dream wedding, but he was happily married and that’s what counted. He had also bought his new car in February and he crossed that off as well.
Tapping his pen to the paper, he wondered how to achieve the rest. Maybe number five could wait considering the current spate of events, and even if he doesn’t bump that investment up and may not stay consistent topping up the usual amount every month, he will ensure he still funded his investment religiously and maybe diversify his portfolio too. That was his only hope of achieving number three.
He immediately did the math to determine how much he would now remit to his investment considering his new pay and factored it into his budget.
Pandemic or not, he would at least have achieved some part of his 2020 goals while inching closer to the rest.
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