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Yippee, Pay Day is here again!

Any plans for your money yet? Perhaps bills to sort, items to purchase, investment to fund, and more…


Don’t forget the importance of planning, prioritizing, and budgeting in the scheme of things.


Remember to:

  • Only buy what you need and avoid impulse buying.

  • Sort your important bills.

  • Create your budget for the month.

  • Pay off small debts and part of big debts.

  • Put some money in your investment

  • Give yourself a treat (You deserve it)

As always, our convenient payment channels take the hassles of investing off you as you are able to fund your investment from the comfort of your home at the swipe of your internet-enabled device.


If you already have an investment account with ARM, go ahead and check the status of your prior investments via your Wealth Planner – that convenient online portal that houses all your transactions and did you know you could automate your investment by simply selecting the Direct Debit option? This way, you don’t ever have to forget to invest in those goals meaning that achieving them is now easier. Don’t have a mutual fund investment yet or thinking of diversifying your investment? We got you covered – browse our array of mutual funds to grow your wealth.


For further inquiries, please get in touch via or 0700 ARMENGAGE and we’ll be pleased to assist you.

No time like now to kick your plans for the rest of the year into motion.

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