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With the New Year in full swing, what plans do you have to make 2021 better and different from last year? Yes, there are still books to read, the crew to hang with, Valentine’s day to plan for and social media to slay for – but really, are these the only things this year should be about for you?

How about using this year to set plans in motion for the future you dream about? Now don’t roll your eyes, I know you’re still a student but you’ll one-day graduate and you don’t want to be among the growing list of job seekers prowling the job market now, or do you? The steps you take now can be your ticket to never having to be termed “Job hunter” years later.

What steps? Well, check this list out.

Network: Start making connections as early as you can. Email people in fields you’re interested in even if it’s just to say, “I read your book, or I admire your work”, join professional organizations and attend conferences.


Use your breaks wisely: This year, try to use your breaks more productively. You can:

  • Get an internship
  • Start a small business on the side (If you’re business-minded)
  • Take courses to boost skills you’re not taught in school
  • Read widely and wisely
  • Travel – to learn how to adjust to strange and unusual circumstances


Gain knowledge: Don’t wait until you graduate to know what you want to do career-wise. Don’t wait till you are called for an interview to learn how to respond to questions. Don’t wait until you must choose your Pension Fund Administrators to make a choice. Research now to know what you need to make informed decisions when the time comes.


Create your online persona: In this day and age, one of the worst ways students can damage their future careers is by sharing the wrong kind of information online. Assume that everything you post online will be available to prospective employers, clients, or investors – no kidding, these people actually go to the internet to research potential employees or partners. Build a public-ready profile and under your own name too (not nick-names).


Be attentive: Consider every stage an extension of your education. Listen more than you talk, and learn as much as you can from the ‘old hands’ and from critics too.


It’s a new year! The year that you enjoy life on campus but also prepare for life in the real-world.


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