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When James knelt to propose to Juliet and promised to take care of her heart, he meant it not just poetically.

35 years later with two children and 3 grandchildren in tow, here are the tips that have kept James and the love of his life Juliet in the best heart health possible.


Yearly checkup

James made sure not to play with his promise. Each year on his and his wife’s birthday, he would schedule a check-up to have their blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels checked.

The couple that workout together

James was no fitfam per say, but he made sure he and Juliet jogged or marched in place at least 15 minutes daily especially while watching their favorite TV shows. Soon, Juliet got the hang of it and they increased the time to 30 minutes a day and even took the fun outdoors.

Healthy eating

This couple loved their hearts and made sure to stay away from unhealthy foods. They invested in raw veggies, fruits and snacks. Even when they cheated on the process, they found their way back on track.

Extra water

Juliet read somewhere about the benefits of water especially to the heart and discovered a way for her and James to stay hydrated always. They each took a water bottle with them wherever they went making sure to refill it after it gets empty.

Control cholesterol

When James stumbled upon and their suggestion of controlling cholesterol for heart health, he was excited. Their suggestions include: avoiding foods high in saturated fat, trans fat or cholesterol as they can lead to high blood cholesterol. They advised that to keep your cholesterol levels down, you should eat foods low in saturated fat and trans fat such as lean chicken or turkey (roasted or baked, with skin removed), fruits and veggies, low-fat or fat-free dairy products and whole grains.

Limit salt intake

It was Juliet who made this a habit for the family. She knew that to lower high blood pressure, they had to watch their salt intake. So she made sure to read labels and watch the amount of salt she used while cooking.

No smoking zone

Neither James nor Juliet smoked, but Alex did. When James talked to Juliet’s brother Alex about quitting smoking, he told him it was for the health of his heart but Alex didn’t understand. So James gave him this trick to help kick the habit:

  • On Day 1, cut the number of cigarettes you smoke by half
  • On Day 3, cut the number of cigarettes you smoke in half again
  • And on Day 5, cut your smoking in half again
  • On your Quit Day… quit!

Alex tried it and it worked. If you have trouble quitting smoking, you should try it too – it may just work.


Maintain a healthy weight

Everyone thought Juliet was obsessed with not adding excess weight when in reality, she and James knew that excess weight increases one’s risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Their daily ritual of 30 minutes of exercise and healthy eating helped them both maintain a healthy weight.

Do you love your heart as much as James and Juliet love theirs? Then today being World Heart Day, commit to treating your heart right by imbibing these tips for a healthy, strong heart.


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