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Holiday means the children will be home with you. But it also means another session is approaching and school fees are around the corner. With holiday treats and expenses piling up, there is a need to conserve resources as much as possible. Is there a way to moderate holiday expenses and still give your children a good time? Consider the following tips.


Buy in bulk: you know the biscuits and drinks your children enjoy, make the difficult choice of buying a carton. It will eventually make more financial sense.


Cut down on the variety: Resist the temptation to buy the food variant each child prefers. Rather buy the one all your children enjoy.


Choose summer school carefully: Look for an option that delivers value without blowing your budget. Finding a school close to your house or office could also help you save on transportation expenses.


Invite trusted family members: If you have retired parents or available siblings you trust, invite them to stay with you over the holidays. Keep communication lines open and teach them how to care for your children.  It will help you save on nannies.


Schedule your leave to match their holiday: scheduling your time-off-work to fall during your children’s holiday will ensure you are there to take care of them yourself. Apart from cutting out nanny costs, this will also enable you to manage your resources to last all through the holidays.

Help your children understand that the good things in life come at a cost and waste must be avoided. Teach them the art of saving this holiday.


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