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My kitchen tap is perhaps the most used tap in the entire house. Hence, when I noticed it did not completely stop running after I turned it off, I was not bothered. What can a few inconsistent drops of water really do in the scheme of things?

Until a few days later when the water tank emptied much quicker than expected. Is it possible that those inconsistent drops had an effect? To double check, I left an empty bowl under the closed tap and went off to work. I was beyond surprised to find the bowl full and running over. Little drops of water indeed make a mighty ocean.

The little episode at the tap got me thinking about the little drops of many things I had disregarded over time. Like the little drops of money I had squandered on unnecessary things, like that time I got aso-ebi for a wedding I was not even attending.  Or my weekly movie ritual, totally convinced 2000 Naira cannot turn around the economy of my life.  Or the little drops of valuable time I had wasted all those months I refused to save, assuring myself that not saving this month will not change anything.

It hit me that if my closed tap could produce enough water to fill an empty bowl over time, I can squeeze out funds to save regardless of the hardness of the times. A closed tap is dry, just like the current financial climate is. With consistency, I can meet my financial goals regardless of the times.

I could not leave room for excuses or happenstance, I immediately set up a direct debit to my Money Market Fund. Direct debit will help me save consistently. The amount I have stipulated will automatically be transferred from my bank account to my Money Market Fund every month on the date I specified. No more procrastination, no more excuses, welcome consistent saving.

What are your financial goals? Get closer to achieving them by setting up a direct debit order. A direct debit order is a sure way to ensure nothing interrupts your savings plan.

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