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Life Begins at Retirement

By August 5, 2022Life Bits, Uncategorized

They say retirement is the world’s longest coffee break, but who says you must take a break if you don’t want to? Do you want to continue to work even after retirement? Read on to learn how to turn your life and job experiences into a source of income.

1. What’s your hobby?

Your hobby is something you do for fun. If you enjoy culinary activities, develop a home-based catering business, or open a physical/online catering school. Better still, package your catering knowledge and recipes into e-cook books and online courses.

2. Sell your skills

A person can retire from the workforce but cannot retire from their experience you know? Being retired gives you the perfect opportunity to position yourself as a coach or consultant in whatever field you’ve functioned in over the years. Deploying your accumulated knowledge to solving problems is one way to reel in money during retirement.

3. Who says you can’t write a book or own a blog/vlog?

Everyone should at least write a book in their lifetime, even if it’s just sharing their life story through a memoir. Retirement affords you time to write the perfect manuscript.

Blogging on your area of interest is also a beautiful alternative. Many people surf the internet for information daily. You can make good money while providing answers to their questions. For example, a retired lawyer can blog on legal tips in a simplified way. Others wouldn’t mind listening to the opinion of a retired nutritionist on healthy eating. See?

Whatever it is, retiring should be a wonderful, easy, and relaxing time of your life, even if it means you setting new goals or chasing new passions.

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