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When you realise it’s payday and salary is just around the corner. Wawu!

Then you remember all the things you are supposed to pay for and that aso ebi you bought on credit

You start calculating and you watch your salary finish before it even arrives

When the salary finally comes, there’s no joy

You are already broke on the 28th, when the month is not yet over and you still have a whole month to the next salary

There goes your plan to save this month

But it does not have to be that way, what if you learnt to save before you spend?

And actually start working with a monthly budget. It’s easy, see how it is done

To be safe, decide on the amount you want to save and set up a direct debit of that amount to your Money market fund account

Of course, if you are blessed with extra change, you can still save it here

This way, you are no longer broke all the time and you even have money working for you. Issa big boy, yeah?

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