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Key Insights About The ARM Ethical Fund

By April 12, 2023Education, Investment 101, News


Investing with integrity and aligning personal principles with financial decisions has become a significant consideration for many investors. Ethical investing, which takes into account social, moral, religious, political, or other personal beliefs, has emerged as a powerful tool for responsible investors.

At ARM, we are committed to helping individuals realize their ambitions, regardless of their beliefs or principles. To support those seeking ethical investment options, we have introduced the ARM Ethical Fund, a specialized mutual fund designed to cater to diverse ethical investment needs.

The ARM Ethical Fund is a unique offering that invests in Sharia-compliant securities, allowing investors to align their investments with their religious morals or beliefs. This open-ended mutual fund offers a flexible entry and exit scheme, providing long-term capital growth potential and competitive returns within a professionally managed investment scheme. It is well-suited for medium to long-term investment goals, although it’s important to note that it invests in equities, which can be a volatile asset class.

The investment portfolio of the ARM Ethical Fund includes shares, real estate, fixed income, and other Islamic instruments. It strictly avoids investment in companies involved in interest-bearing transactions, gambling, alcohol and tobacco, arms and ammunition, or adult entertainment. To ensure compliance with Islamic principles, the fund is overseen by a Sharia advisory board consisting of influential Muslim individuals who approve the investment portfolio before any investments are made.

Over the past five years, the ARM Ethical Fund has demonstrated positive performance, even during the challenging times of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. With a long-term perspective and the current status of the stock market supporting future growth, the fund has consistently delivered favorable results.

Investing in the ARM Ethical Fund offers several benefits. First, it enables investors to achieve long-term capital growth while staying true to their core Islamic values and beliefs. Additionally, the fund offers an open-ended structure, providing investors with the flexibility to buy or sell units whenever they choose.

The ARM Ethical Fund is open to all individuals who seek to protect and promote their religious morals and beliefs through their investments. With its carefully curated investment portfolio, professional management, and focus on ethical investing, the ARM Ethical Fund serves as a compelling option for responsible investors looking to make a meaningful impact while pursuing their financial goals.

To get started, download the ARM One app from Google Play Store or App Store today. You can also know more and reach us here, for further enquiries.

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