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Your resume is great, so what? Your resume is important but it won’t speak audibly on the day of your interview. But what happens if you don’t have the right words to speak? You don’t want to be that person in your job hunting quest who goes in for a job interview unprepared and searching the ceiling for answers.

Research the organization’s history, culture and core business before going for an interview.

No company will smile at an applicant who has zero information about an organization he wants to work at, especially with the ease of assessing information through the internet. Don’t be like ‘Fish’ in this week’s edition of ‘Diary of a Job Seeker’ who wasted his interviewer’s time while sounding and looking clueless (Not seen it yet? Click to watch).

Before you walk in to face your interviewer, you should be prepared. You should know what the company does, it’s history, culture and core business. Reason for this is that most companies want to know if you’re even vaguely aware of the business you wish to be a part of. With the tap of your phone, you can get all the information you need on the company’s website. Get into the website and literally dissect it and eat up all the information you can find on there.

You can also go a step further by going to the company’s social media pages to get a feel of their communication style and persona. Even if these questions don’t come up during your interview, you’ll at least walk in for your interview with confidence and added knowledge especially if you end up working with the organization or their competition. Always remember that no knowledge is a waste.

Arm yourself with research about the company you will be interviewing with to show your readiness and enthusiasm to bring a positive impact upon eventual employment.

Follow the Diary of a Job Hunter series to get more helpful tips as you search for your new job. We keep our fingers crossed with you that your wait and preparation in that job hunting quest will result in the job of your dreams. We will be happy to speak with you about the Pension options and benefits available for you.

Have an interview? Find out what to avoid in this hilarious video.

Stop over next Friday for job seeker tip four, see ya!

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